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Welcome to my site. My name is Marc Caryl. I'’ve been making photographs of majestic landscapes and intimate portraits of nature for the past forty years. The beauty of our planet inspires and leaves me in awe. From deep forests and sharp jutted cliffs, to winding crayon colored canyons, vast skies and cool running water, nature has always given me a deeper sense of our co-existance with each other and our planet.

I experienced my first road trip at the age of five. My parents put me in the back seat of our Studebaker with my aunt. We drove from Minneapolis to Mount Rushmore. We would stop the car every now and again to admire the colored rock formations in the Badlands of South Dakota. At one point, my mom decided to take a photo of me and dad with this dreamy landscape that went on forever. It offered a great backdrop. My dad and I jumped out of the car and got into positon for the photograph. Mom used dad’s manual 35mm camera and took the shot. The next thing dad and I heard was my mom and aunt in a panic and screaming. They couldn't run fast enough to the car. Swinging around to see what all the commotion was about, I saw a curious donkey that had spotted us and apparently thought it would be fun sport to chase us. Boy, we ran like the dickens.

My dad’s camera became the only means of immortalizing a moment in time. That day fueled my love for travel and photography. I have countless images of my journey's throughout the U.S. to capture the freedom and spirit of this beautiful land, America.

I hope you will enjoy my galleries, perhaps, you will even find a photo that speaks to you and will offer you a connection to the land as I have. I would be honored to have such a photograph in your home or office.


Marc Caryl Nature and Landscape Photos

Taking nature and landscape photos of deep forests, jutted cliffs, and towering mountains, mere bumps in the sky leaves me in awe. 


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